Autumn International Tests – Disciplinary updates

The IRB have cited two players after the first weekend of Autumn International Tests.

Rob Simmons of Australia luckily avoided being sent off after a crunching late ‘tip’ tackle on France’s Yannick Nyanga. Simmons caught a break because none of the match officials saw the number of the offending player so he couldn’t be sent off.

On Sunday, Adam Thomson of New Zealand All Blacks was binned for ‘stamping or trampling’ Alasdair Strokosh of Scotland. A ban for Thomson could in theory end his All Blacks career on a downer; he’s widely expected to move to Japan and a ban resulting from this incident would most likely rule him out of the rest of these Autumn tests.

See the full press release after the break…

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Skins Search4Hurt, training with the Wallabies – video

Search4Hurt is an interesting* idea: take one man – Matt Murphy – and send him out to compete in the worlds toughest adventure races… in other words, push him to his limit!

Search4Hurt have teamed up with Skins to provide compression kit that will help Matt train longer, compete better and recover faster.

In the gaps between events, Matt spends his time training with the best trainers, athletes and teams around the world. In this video, he spends some time with the Australian Wallabies… and then he throws up!

* by ‘interesting’, we really mean stupid and entertaining!

Mogo Flavoured Mouthguards

Mogo produce a range of premium mouthguards with a new twist – they’re flavoured.

Flavoured mouthguards have been around for while but not like this Mogo range: for a start these are top notch for protection and not the cheap throw away junk we’ve seen in the past.

The other unique feature from Mogo is the way they add the flavour; it’s impregnated into the plastic of the mouthguard and so doesn’t fade over time.

There are a load of other technical features but this video explains it a lot better than I can!

Check out the full range here at

Canterbury England Rugby – teaser video Six

The Canterbury video production team have been working overtime…

Maybe another one tomorrow…?

Canterbury England Rugby – Teaser video No. 5

Another one…

Sorry I missed this one a few days ago. don’t know how it slipped through…

Number 6 to follow in a few minutes!

Canterbury England Rugby – teaser vid number four

Canterbury are at it again…

The camera wielders over at CCC have been busy the last few weeks; here’s England Launch Teaser Video No. 4…

England Rugby new kit launch, Canterbury teaser video no. 3…

Canterbury are at it again today…

Teaser video number three in the run up to the new England range launch.

CCC England Rugby – teaser number two…

They’re at it again today… another teaser to get us in the mood for the Canterbury England launch…

C’mon Canterbury, give us something with a bit more substance!

Canterbury England Rugby Teaser Video

England is on it’s way!

With the new range of England RFU kit just around the corner, Canterbury are starting to roll out some teasers for the new kit.

To get the ball rolling, check this video released today from Canterbury…

It doesn’t give much away! Hopefully there will be more soon to give us all a better glimpse into what’s coming.

The release schedule for the range is as follows:

Friday 14th September, 10:00hrs:
Home, Alternate and  Sevens kit go on pre-order… but we can’t show any imagery!

The countdown is definitely on! We’ll post more info as we get it.

Check for more information and to get your kit when it goes on sale.

Is this the best hoody ever for British weather?

Under Armour Charged Cotton Storm Full Zip Hoodies

Let me just lay it out there at the start: I’m a bit of an Under Armour fan… but let me word it a bit differently.
I like kit that ‘works’. For me, clothing has to be well made, high quality, simple design, functional… stuff that does what it’s supposed to, but does it really well. If it comes in a good strong colour, even better.

So for these reasons, I like Under Armour stuff. It’s always worked well. Don’t get me wrong though; I’m not a blind following fanboy – it’s got to prove its worth. Read more