Trigger Point Therapy – The Grid Roller

Anyone who spends any time at the gym or fitness classes will be familiar with the foam roller. Trigger Point Therapy have taken the concept and made a unique and versatile product; the Grid Roller.

The Grid Roller - orange and black

Perfect for warming up the muscle tissue, removing lactic acid, and increasing blood flow; the Grid is the ideal tool for pre- and post-workout regimens.

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There are two main features to a Grid Roller workout:

-  Self massage
-  Core body workout

Self Massage:

The grid like surface has varied density zones which work to relieve tension and stress in the muscles in the targeted area, much like a traditional massage session would.

The Grid Roller from Trigger point Therapy

Core Body Workout:

Using The Grid in the same way you would any roller, you can incorporate it into your daily workout routines for core muscle development and stability.

The Grid Roller by Trigger Point Therapy

Designed to withstand constant, heavy and repeated use without breaking down, the Grid Roller will outlive traditional foam rollers 10-fold. The compact and sleek design also makes the Grid Roller easier to work with and transport.

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  1. Colin Tait says:

    They just mentioned the triggerpoint on Radio 1, James Corden and Chris Moyles both use it.

  2. Eddie Cooke says:

    I’d be interested in this to help sort out problems with my ITB.

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